Q: What to do when the game is freezing?

A: It's possibly caused by the game operating system if it gets freezing while playing. Please close the game and let the device rest for few minutes then restart the game to see if it runs normally.

Q: What if I lost in-game items, resources, heroes, troops, and so on?

In-game items will not be lost for no reason. We advise you to check your Bag, Hero Bag, Troop Battle Report, and so on. If unfortunately lost items, please make sure to provide the following information and mail to【kow_customer@7senses.com】for further approach. (1) Account ID (2) World (server) (3) Disappear item (Full name, amount) (4) Details like the time when you obtained (month, date, time) and how you obtained.

Q: How to report BUG (error, missing textures, typo)?

A: Please provide the screenshot when occurs BUGs and mail to【kow_customer@7senses.com】for further confirmation.

Q: Why is my game lagging while I'm playing especially when many troops on the screen?

It's usually caused by insufficient device performance, please try to free up RAM and keep your device with sufficient storage for a better game experience. Besides, it may also be caused by the current unstable internet, please try to reconnect the game when the connection turns stable.

Q: My character disappears. What can I do?

A: The reason why you can't find the character may be caused by logging into an incorrect account. Please make sure if you are using the correct account to log in.

*If you still can't find the character, please provide the following information and mail to【kow_customer@7senses.com】for further approach : (1) Account ID (2) World (server) (3) Lord info (Name, nickname) (4) Description.