Q: Is the "Carnival" event only for the beginning period of the new world (server)?

A: The "Carnival" event is only for new players (account or character) after the new world opening. The account or character that has participated in a single world will not be able to participate again.

Q: Am I lose qualified for completing the remaining missions and obtaining the reward if I didn't complete all in "Carnival” on the first day?

A: The "Carnival" event divides into seven days which are varied daily missions. Although you didn't complete all missions the day before, you can still obtain rewards as long as you complete them all within 7 days.

Q: How to count up “7 Days Login” Event?

A: 7 Days Login event based on recording your daily login in real-time. All rewards can be claimed once you log in falls seven days.

Q: Is “The Greatest Lord” a regular basis event?

A: The Greatest Lord event would be held on an irregular basis. Suggest you logging into the game frequently and checking on the event page.

Q: Is "Challenge" a regular basis event?

A: Yes, it's a regular basis event and categorized by the mode of Solo Challenge, Hell Challenge, Daily Challenge. You must give it a shot to collect plenty of rewards.

Q: How to redeem the rewards if I have a voucher code?

A: You can enter a voucher code through "Setting" on the lower right → "Redeem" for rewards.