Have you ever heard about wonders in the world, my Lord? There was mysterious power in these magical buildings, only accessible at a particular time. The alliance that has occupied wonders will be a great benefit to the territory. You may also be the KING of the kingdom! For both glory and throne, let's fight over Wonders, my Lord!

Get ready for battle! Face up to the Wonder War!

The whole world is prepared to take on the challenge when less than 10 hours of peaceful wonder building-Holy Capital. Wonder war challenge begins when the countdown ends. As long as you get prepared and participate in it, the points you collect will get you massive resource rewards!

Wonder war challenge will continue until Holy Capital turns into peace again.

A concessional "Wonder gift pack" is offered to Lords who are first entering the territory during the preparedness, giving them a good opportunity to reinforce the power. Notably, as soon as the "Wonder gift pack" appears, the 2 hours countdown starts. It can't be purchased when the countdown ends.

The buttons with left and right at the sides of Wonder Gift Packs allow Lords to browse needed.

If you accidentally close the popup window, you can still view the content again from the upper right icon shows the remaining time.

Certain wonder buildings when the world/server is under protection will be a restriction on attacking soldiers. Therefore, it's worth noting to make sure the current world protection status and if target buildings have a restriction on soldiers.

The world is under protection.

When the world is under protection, certain buildings will be restricted to attacking soldiers until protection ends.

All-out attack! Capture Wonder!

Wonder buildings will turn into snatch at the end of peace, however, occupy wonder cannot rely on individual attack whereas they can only be occupied by rally attack.

Snatching! Rally allies right away to capture wonder!

In order to attack the wonder building, Lord might like to teleport nearby. Notably, there's a unique land near buildings — The wonder's region.

The wonders region has a clear boundary for Lords to easily identify.

My Lord, you must be careful since you can't activate the shield on the wonder's region! The tornado will force your castle to be relocated out of the wonder's region if you are defeated. Only the successful opponent can take the place particularly, the defeated can't return to the original location.

The tornado will force relocated the defeated.

The defeated can't return to the same location.

War has turned HOT! Wonder War – Attack and Defense.

When you successfully occupy wonder with allies, you might want to make adjustments to the force for another occupation. Notably, the convener of the rally can't directly make adjustments to the force, whereas you can "Dismiss" troops to change the defense troop size. On the other hand, if you are the participants in the rally, the troop size can be changed by recall or switch defense. Corporate with allies in a better strategy on the deployment of troops protect wonder from enemies swooping in.

Garrison Info displays current garrison troop size after occupation.

Devise tactics with allies in advance! The convener of the rally can merely dismiss troops, whereas the participants can directly switch defense.

When the occupation continues for a certain period, namely take over the wonder of the round. As for how long the occupation period is, depending on the starting time of wonder war. You can take a look at the chart below or the description in wonder buildings. Besides, you can also view the current alliance occupation period via the Occupation Rank button.

Time required to occupy depends on the starting time of wonder war.

How long the current alliance has occupied display in Occupation Rank.

War Award! Powerful Wonder!

The closing of wonder war when buildings are in peace again. The alliance that occupies one of it can enjoy BUFF effects provided by wonder.

Let's first introduce the most important building─Holy Capital. The alliance who occupied Holy Capital will enjoy " Kingdom Title" and the power of "Kingdom BUFF" which makes the alliance Leader become the King. The king and Prime Minister can grant titles to players on this server. When the king switch, those titles will be withdrawn. The position has nine types of officer and rebel. Every position including the King owns a different position bonus. You can tap position for the details!

The power of Holy Capital─brings the Kingdom Title and BUFF.

Officers own various BUFF, on the contrary, rebels have different DEBUFF.

All users in the Kingdom can enjoy Kingdom BUFF when it is activated. The King can activate Kingdom BUFF once daily on one of the following: building upgrades, technology research, or soldier training. Notably, according to the last Wonder War, the Top 3 Alliances with the longest occupation time can enjoy a bonus.

According to the last Wonder War, the Top 3 Alliances with the longest occupation time can enjoy a bonus.

Every wonder building brings a different Kingdom buff, which can be found on the upper left of buildings.

The Kingdom buff information can be found on the upper left of buildings.

Not only relevant to the King of Holy Capital but the benefits from other wonder buildings also shall not be taken lightly. Go make better plans and strategies and fight for honor with allies in wonder war.