Crystal is widely used for speedup, trading rare items on the merchant ship, and so on. Nevertheless, the means of obtaining Crystal are very limited. Let me tell you a building to obtain Crystal steady ─ Crystal Mine.

Activate Crystal Mine

Different from most of the buildings that are activated according to city hall levels, Crystal Mine is activated based on Lord's VIP level. Earn VIP EXP by events or missions to achieve VIP3 and ultimately activate Crystal Mine.

Activate Crystal Mine and start Mining!

Crystal Mining

Once Crystal Mine is activated, start mining to receive the profit of crystal. It can be divided into 3 plans, 3-days, 7-days, 15-days and the rate will be 10%, 45%, 130%, respectively. Please note that only one mining can be carried out and unable to change plan until the previous one is finished.

Different rate according to invest in different mining days

Upgrade Crystal Mine can increase the amount of investment and interest rate, moreover to get 10% extra rate as crystal mine upgraded to the max level. Research Crystal Mining under the economy in Academy to speed up the mining process which will increase an extra 10% if it reaches the max.

Research Crystal Mining to speed up the process