Monster forces gathered in Dark Fortress; the scout bring back the report that shows sort of Dark Elements there. Rally attack the Dark Fortress to prevent Dark Elements from someone's control and brings the world to brighten up again.


The Arena can be unlocked when the City Hall reaches lv.18 in your territory. You won't lose any troops in the Arena so feel free to battle with other Lords. However, when Lords first time in the Arena, it's better to set up the defensive formation instead of rushing into challenging others to avoid losing any points afterward.

Set up the defensive formation when the first time into Arena.

Every challenge will deduct 1 time from the daily challenge, which will restore one per hour and up to six. You can also spend 500 gold to refresh matched rival if you are not satisfied with the current one.

Defeat the rival will earn the points and Lord EXP, on the other hand, although you are defeated and lose some points, you can still earn Lord EXP. You will get a better reward when reaches the specific points.

Challenge the rival to earn the rewards!

Arena Battle Report

The arena battle report on the upper right for you to view the record in Arena. Replay helps you understand the reason whether victory or defeat moreover to improve better formation skills.

Check record in Arena by tapping the indicated red box

Tap to replay the battlefield

Astrology Observation in Arena

A unique horoscope BUFF that occurred in Arena varies every week. It will cause an effect on Heroes, may boost or weaken their skills based on current astrology. Modify your hero combination refer to current astrology to maximize the effect.

Check current Astrology by tapping the indicated red box

Modify your hero combination refer to current astrology to maximize the effect.

Rank Reward

Not merely point rewards can claim but the chest by remaining the rank. The higher rank equals better rewards. Fight for the honor and reach the peak in Arena, my Lord!

Don’t forget to claim the rank reward regularly