Monster forces gathered in Dark Fortress; the scout bring back the report that shows sort of Dark Elements there. Rally attack the Dark Fortress to prevent Dark Elements from someone's control and brings the world to brighten up again.

Let’s rally attack toward the Dark Fortress!

The Dark Fortress can only be attacked by Rally, the minimum number of participants must be two. Thus, the rally will be dismissed if less than 2 people participated. Dark Fortress in the same level can have different army formations, which can be found through scouting. Although it’s for world peace, you must act according to abilities, my Lord.

Scout helps you to attack the proper Dark Fortress

Here are the note and tips about the Dark Fortress for my Lord. First and foremost, scout and rally the Dark Fortress will not break the Beginner's Shield nor cause War Frenzy. Besides, defeat the Dark Fortress will obtain Dark Elements. If the battle fails, the Dark Fortress will immediately restore to its original status. Last but not least, attack Dark Fortress will receive Goddess's Blessing which can revive soldiers who died in battle and heal most of the wounded. Therefore, instead of worry about losing troops, you should enjoy attacking the Dark Fortress with your allies!

Rally attack the Dark Fortress with allies

Unlock the Dark Elements in Alchemy

Lords who participated or defeated the Dark Fortress will obtain the Dark elements. Alchemy can store 3 Dark elements at most but unlock one at a time.

The required time for research is different depends on the level of Dark Elements. Use speedup items can shorten the process. Once successfully unlock it will obtain resources according to its level. The higher-level Dark Elements, the more resources you can get!

Unlock the Dark Elements in Alchemy to obtain plenty of resources!