It's time to challenge the teamwork of your alliance! During the alliance battle event, there will be many missions for you to challenge. You can choose that best suit you to complete, my Lord. As soon as the mission is completed, the alliance point will be gained. The total alliance point is the factor to decide which tier of league your alliance will be in the next alliance battle. The higher tier of the league, the better rewards you can get! We have selected the frequently asked questions below. Please take a look and call for allies to fight for glory, my Lord!

Q:When the alliance battle will begin?

A:Two days before the event, the forecast on the challenge page will be displayed the remaining time to begin the alliance battle and its duration.

Alliance Battle in the Challenge Page

Check event duration for current Alliance Battle on the forecast.

Q: How do I know which league my alliance will be participated in?

A: To recognize which league your alliance is about to participate in, you can either tap the Alliance Battle icon during the forecast or event period or check the upper left info on both the forecast and mission list page.

View which leagues your alliance is going to participate in on the forecast page.

View leagues info on the upper left of mission list page

Q:Why can't I participate in the alliance battle even there are over 25 members in my alliance?

A: To participate in the alliance battle, your alliance should have at least 25 members BEFORE the event begins. Namely, if the number of alliance members reaches 25 AFTER the event began, you are obliged to wait until the next time event begins, my Lord.

Q: Why can't I take alliance battle missions even though my city hall has reached lv.15?

A: Your city hall level has to reach lv.15 BEFORE the event begins, my Lord!

Q: I fail to take the mission for my alliance even though it's over 25 members after the event began. Any reason why?

A: To participate in the alliance battle, you must be in alliance BEFORE the event begins and meanwhile, the city hall level has reached lv.15.

Q: I took the mission related to total power; however, why level up hero does not increase my total power?

A: Total power won't be increased by leveling up hero, indeed. To complete the mission, these are what you could do such as upgrading buildings and technologies, training or healing soldiers, recruiting new heroes, and improving hero quality.

Q: Why points on the alliance rank is different than actual points?

A: Since points on the alliance rank are not updated immediately, please view again around 10 minutes later, my Lord.

Q: Can I still participate in the alliance battle if I change the alliance during the event?

A: Left an alliance during the event will be unable to participate in alliance battle with new alliance; however, rejoin the original alliance which qualifies in the event could continue to participate. The number of missions that can be taken in the original alliance will be retained.

Q: Will be any decrease in our total points if any member left my alliance during the alliance battle?

A:The withdrawal of members won't cause the decrease of alliance points.

Q: Can I get rewards if I didn't complete any mission or collect points?

A: The reward from the alliance battle is for all alliance members. That is to say, you still can obtain the reward even though no points are collected by you. Nevertheless, there won't be any reward if Lord is not equipped for taking missions.

Q: Why my league tier remains even if my alliance points are in the top five?

A: To be promoted to the next tier in the Alliance Battle requires not merely in the top five, but alliance points finish in Rank 8 or above. Rank rewards are likewise.

Q: My alliance is not only in the top five but in Rank 8 or above. Why there is no reward for me?

A: Lord should be equipped for taking missions to obtain the ranking reward and phase reward from the alliance battle. Namely, you must join the alliance BEFORE the event begins, and meanwhile, the city hall has reached lv.15.

Q: How long will be taken for the award after the event ends?

A: The ranking reward will be in your in-game mailbox right after the event ends. As for the phase rewards, it requires Lords going to the alliance battle page to choose one reward from each rank. They will be in your in-game bag shortly after the rewards claimed.

※ PLEASE NOTE** The deadline for claiming the phase rewards would be WITHIN 3 Days after the event ends.

Phase rewards have to be claimed on the event page.

Q: Do I have to choose all rewards in every phase at a time?

A: Yes. All the phase rewards must be chosen at a time and unable to be claimed separately.

All phase rewards have to be chosen at a time