Do you notice there is a remarkable forging factory in the territory, my Lord? The blacksmith is going to forge various amazing equipment that has unique effects on the benefit of developing an internal affair or increasing the troop war power. Let's head for there to see what the equipment is and how to make legendary equipment now!

About Forging Factory

The forging factory is the building where you can forge equipment for the lord. Upgrade it can not only speed up forging time but unlock the accessory slot when it reaches the particular level. The forging factory can be divided into three parts, all equipment, special equipment, and equipment shelf. Let's take a look!

The forging factory can be divided into three parts, all equipment, special equipment, and equipment shelf.

§ All Equipment §

The equipment can be of six main types: weapon, assistance, helmet, armor, gaiter, and accessory. On this page, you can find the objective by sorting attributes on the left side or selecting specific parts on the right side. Any equipment that matches conditions will be displayed in the middle so that you can either forge it, as long as you have sufficient material, or view what's missing. However, the equipment has its level so it's not able to equip Lord with something higher than their level.

All Equipment

§ Special Equipment §

Special equipment displays the particular list of legend equipment corresponds to each monster series. The essential material can be obtained by hunting the specific monster or purchasing the gift pack. Any equipment listed here can also be found in all equipment.

List out the equipment theme by particular monster

§ Equipment Shelf §

Equipment shelf allows you to view the current equipment held along with its detail. Selecting a particular part on the right side makes it easier to find the objective. Tapping tabs to view gems and materials that can be used in merging, combination or restoring. If you see the equipment with "↑" means its quality can be upgraded. The enhancement or evolution of equipment along with gem insertion will be introduced later on.

Easily to view the current equipment held on the equipment shelf.

How to obtain the forging materials

You must have essential materials before forging equipment. So, let's talk how to obtain those materials now.

• hunting: obtain material by hunting monsters in wild. Some monsters will drop limited material which is necessary for specific equipment.

Check possible drops on Kill Reward

• Gather Resources in the wild: check what kind of resources or rewards to be gathered on the "reward preview". Why don’t you send the army to gather them right away!

Different forging materials by different kinds of gathering

• Material chest: participated in all kinds of events to obtain different levels of the material chest. Open it to get various materials randomly.

Open the material chest with hope

• Trade goods on Merchant Ship: There is a merchant ship in territorial ports and the merchant regularly come to trade various preferential resources.

Get whatever resource or item you need in the limited merchant ship event!

• Equipment gift pack: there are many time limited gift packs in the equipment theme pack under the shop. Don’t forget to take a look, my Lord!


Equipment theme pack under the shop

Kick-off! It’s forging time!

By the time you have sufficient material and golds, don't hesitate to forge equipment on all equipment or special equipment pages.

Forge Successfully

If any material missing, tap the material icon to view how to obtain them. You can also combine or restore materials if any of their quality not qualified for forging. Material quality in the sequence of basic, superb, rare, legendary, and legend.

Check the means of obtaining material or either combine or restore for quality.

Enhance your equipment to make it better

Forging successfully has not yet reached the end, pursue better evolution will never end. Tap the equipment icon on the shelf for more details where you can increase their power by upgrading, enhancement, inserting gems and ultimately forging the legendary equipment for the lord.

Check equipment details

§ Upgrade Equipment §

Equipment quality in the sequence of basic, superb, rare, legendary, and legend. Increasing its quality require to upgrade to the next level by the same equipment of lower quality and materials corresponds to the level.

Aside from materials, the same equipment of lower quality is also necessary.

§ Enhance Equipment §

There is a probability to increase equipment effects by using enhancement stone on enhancement, or you can also use enhancement BUFF ticket to raise the success rate. Enhancement stone can be obtained from the military shop, as for enhancement BUFF ticket can be obtained from the events or gift pack.

The equipment effects will be increased after enhancement.

You might need enhancement stone and enhancement BUFF ticket to enhance equipment

§ Insert Gem §

Insert gems to increase effects by tapping "+" on the equipment. You can also use puncher to punch a hole on the equipment then insert more gems.

Insert gems to extend or increase equipment power

You can obtain gems from monster hunting, gem chests, and gift packs. Their quality in the sequence of basic, superb, rare, legendary, and legend. The quality can be increased by the combination.

Increase gem effects by the combination.

§ Dismantle Equipment §

You can also dismantle unnecessary equipment on the equipment page. But keep in mind that dismantle equipment will lose all Gems inserted but all forging materials will be returned.

Spare equipment for Lord to use in any conditions

Although you spent lots of effort to forge legendary equipment, it will be no effects without equipping them. Tap Lord's icon to not only checking current equipment but replacing them by parts.

Check current equipment on the Lord page

Check the effects difference on the right side of equipment selection page

Besides, research default equipment to add spare equipment so that you can switch them quickly in any condition.

Research default equipment to create more sets for Lord