Do you remember the moment you rescued villagers and set them free from the terrible monster, my Lord? These monsters still covet after our plentiful resources. Immediately dispatch warrior to an expedition and fight against the monsters to keep the peace!

Battle against Monsters at outer wall

The Gameplay of Battle against Monsters

Battle against Monsters divides into two parts, city defense reward and expedition. It's a critical facility in the kingdom since you will obtain plenty of rewards here such as hero EXP, upgrade stones, speedup items, certain hero shards, and so on. The following is the gameplay of battle against monsters, my Lord.

1. Outer wall durability

Tap "+" to check the detail of the outer wall. Level up it will also increase the max durability of the outer wall.

Check the status of the outer wall

Besides city defense rewards, the outer wall durability also influences resource need for training soldiers. The higher durability, the more abundant rewards. Furthermore, the less resource need for training soldiers. Don't forget to recover the outer wall at any time!

Outer wall durability brings BUFF effect

2.Idle Reward

Against monster invasion by consuming the outer wall durability in addition to getting city defense rewards. The idle rewards only count up to 8 hours and will not continue counting if failed to claim, on the other hand, if the outer wall reaches zero durability will be likewise. Some of the outer wall durability will be recovered as long as you claim the idle reward.

Some of outer wall durability will be recovered as well when claiming the idle reward.

3. Elite Monsters

Over some time, the elite monster also appears during the battle against monsters. However, the outer wall will rapidly recover its durability as well as obtain additional upgrade stones and speedup items as long as you defeat them.

It's worth noting that the elite monster appears also hasten the consumption of the outer wall durability. To consequently keep the durability should check if the oncoming elite monster frequently.

Oncoming Elite Monsters! Defeat them to protect the outer wall!

4. Expedition

Troops in all stages are led by heroes, thus, better scout the enemy carefully to know how to restrict their formation ahead. Although you can only clear the stage once, won in an expedition will increase the outer wall durability as well.

Apart from stage rewards, clear the expedition stage can not only increase the outer wall durability but raise the probability of the rarity idle reward.

Try your best to clear the latter stages to make the idle reward even abundant!

The further expedition stages, the more abundant rewards!