There are various heroes in King of World that taking an important part in the game, especially they have different internal affair skills to benefit developing territory. They can not only extend the capacity of troops by dispatching, but several troops skill to affect the war. Don’t miss the chance to foster such a great hero! Let me explain how to foster the hero right now, my Lord.

How to Recruit Heroes?

Some players were very impressed by witnessing Lord's heroic skills at battle against monsters. You might ask how to recruit other heroes? Actually, you can instantly summon them on the hero page as long as you collect 10 unrecruited hero shards.

There are many different means for players to obtain hero shards. For example: from the monster invasion, alliance shop, military shop, daily offer, VIP gift pack, hero gift pack, or various kinds of events. We suggest Lords tap "+" on the hero status page to explore the means to obtain the hero shards.

Different recruit statuses of Heroes.

Let's meet them on the hero status page

After recruiting heroes, let's introduce you about hero page.

Hero page

1. Hero title and their name. The icon indicates the leading troop type.
2. War Power: shows the strength of heroes and which can be increased by improving hero quality or level up.
3. Troops capacity: the number of additional army capacity lead when dispatch. Troops capacity can be increased by hero level up.
4. Hero quality: shows current hero quality and remaining shards to the next quality level. By tapping "+" to explore the means to obtain the hero shards.
5. Hero level: shows current hero level. Level up the hero will increase war power, troops capacity as well as troop skills.

Once Lords has a basic understanding of the hero page, let's move on to the advanced narration.

‧ Troops Soldier Type ‧

Troops soldier type includes infantry, archer, and cavalry. All heroes have their corresponding soldier types, and on top of that, there are counter relationships in between.

The archer, cavalry, infantry is restrained by the infantry, archer and cavalry, respectively. It's important to use counter soldiers to restrain the enemy formation.

Counter relationship

§Hero level Up§

Require hero Exp to level up. The following are means to obtain hero Exp:

1. Dispatch by hunting a monster, gathering resources in wild, or attacking enemy city.
2. Claim city defense reward, which could count up to 8 hours, by the battle against monsters. Don't forget to claim the rewards, my Lord.
3. Use items to accumulate hero Exp like precious liqueur and national cellar. Tap "LV up" on the hero page to consume Exp to level up.

Continue level up the hero requires an upgrade stone to do so in every 10 levels up e.g., when the level reaches 10, 20, 30, and so on. In the meantime, hero skills will also be unlocked or improved. As for upgrade stones, it's possible to obtain by city defense reward at the battle against monsters.

Hero upgrade to unlock new skills!

§ Improve Hero Quality §

You can improve hero quality once have enough hero shards. Hero quality in the sequence of white, green, blue, purple, and orange. The higher quality equals higher war power and internal affair skill level.

Hero quality in the sequence of white, green, blue, purple, and orange.

Hero skills
Bring from internal affair to battlefield into full play

Heroes are in different strengths and skills which are classified into troop skill and internal affair skill.

• Troop skill: activate when dispatching. Mainly increase their damage and actively give troops extra buff in battle. You can tap the skill icon to know more details. Again, hero upgrade could unlock or improve hero skills.

Tap the skill icon to check skill effect

• Internal affair skill: mainly provide territory BUFFs and troops power. Improve hero quality to get higher internal affair skill level and effects.

Hero quality will affect internal affair skill

Hero Biography

Reading the story of heroes in biography to understand their background, for example, where they came from and what makes them the hero.

Reading hero profile to understand their background