Carnival party

Description: Carnival party

Duration:2021/12/14 00:00(GMT+8) - 2021/12/26 23:59(GMT+8)

Objects: ALL Server

Content: Carnival Party is on the way! Carnival Login, Party, Ranking, and Cake are waiting for you.

【Event 1】Carnival Login: 2021/12/14 - 2021/12/24 During the event time, log in to King of Worlds to get free speedups, resources, and candles.

【Event 2】Carnival Party: 2021/12/14 - 2021/12/24 During the event time, complete assigned quests to earn multiple resources and candles!

【Event 3】Carnival Ranking: 2021/12/14 - 2021/12/23 During the event time, increase power to earn points for ranking and plenty of points and rank rewards.

【Event 4】Carnical Cake: 2021/12/14 - 2021/12/24 During the event time, collect candles from Gathering, Training, and Hunting Monster can randomly get candles to level up the cake for resources, Action Points, Hero: Catherine, and many gifts! Using candles and crystals can obtain burning candles and butter in exchange for many more stealing items.


1. Event rewards must be collected during the event period. After the event, no rewards will be reissued if they are not received.

2. Exchange event items must be redeemed during the event period. They will be retrieved after the event.

3. The number of items obtained from gathering, training, and hunting monsters has an upper limit, and when the upper limit is reached, it can no longer be obtained.

4. Can only collect assigned points in the first 7 days for the carnival party missions. From the 8th day till the event ends can merely claim rewards.

5. King of Worlds reserves the right to terminate the event under any system concerns or consequences of force majeure.