One-day limited time event - Training

Description: Train soldiers to reach assigned amounts of points to get [Epic] Resources Chest, [Rare] Gem Chest, Speedup, and resources.

Duration: 11/23 06:00(GMT+8) - 11/27 06:00(GMT+8)


Content: The following rewards will be reset at 06:00 (GMT+8) every day, and can be claimed directly after each phase is achieved.

Train 2000 soldiers: [Rare] Resources Chest*5, 30m Speedup*1, 30m Training Speedup*1, 150K Food*2, 15K Gold *2

Train 4000 soldiers: [Rare] Resources Chest*5, 30m Speedup*2, 30m Training Speedup*2, 150K Food*4, 15K Gold *4

Train 8000 soldiers: [Epic] Resources Chest*5, 30m Speedup*4, 30m Training Speedup*4, 150K Food*6, 15K Gold *6

Train 20000 soldiers: [Epic] Resources Chest*5, 30m Speedup*7, 30m Training Speedup*7, 150K Food*8, 15K Gold *8

Train 50000 soldiers: [Rare] Gem Chest*3, 30m Speedup*10, 30m Training Speedup*10, 150K Food*10, 15K Gold *10