GM participation in the war! Let's fight on the net!

Description: During the event, the official GM will appear on the map randomly, and a certain number of soldiers will be hidden in the GM's main castle, As long as dear Lords defeat them, Lords can plunder the rich resources in the GM main castle.

Event time 1:
9/1 12:00(GMT+8) - 14:00(GMT+8)、19:00(GMT+8) - 21:00(GMT+8)
9/2 12:00(GMT+8) - 14:00(GMT+8)、19:00(GMT+8) - 21:00(GMT+8)

Event time 2:
9/8 12:00(GMT+8) - 14:00(GMT+8)、19:00(GMT+8) - 21:00(GMT+8)
9/9 12:00(GMT+8) - 14:00(GMT+8)、19:00(GMT+8) - 21:00(GMT+8)



1. There will only be 5 large GM main castles and 5 small GM main castles in each event phase. Each GM main castle will open a protection shield when the event time is over.

2.If all resources of GM's main castles are looted, GM's main castle will disappear. Please wait for the next phase to start.

3.The theme of GM's castle would be the Happy Xmas theme. (For the appearance, please refer to the Happy Xmas theme.)

4.Tier 4 units of the enemy and higher-tier heroes are garrisoned in the large GM's main castles, and Tier 2 units of the enemy and lower-tier heroes are garrisoned in the small GM's main castle.

5.There will be 50M of food, woods, stones, Iron, and 5M gold in the large GM's castles; there will be 10M of food, woods, stones, Iron, and 1M gold in the small GM's castles.

6.We would suggest scouting before robbing the GM's castles. Your soldiers may be killed or injured in the battle. Please be careful.